What Can Our VAs Do For You?

Our certified VAs know how to get you the visibility you need so you can be a leader in your industry.  

What to Expect from Our VAs

Imagine having a VA that scored you consistent features in national publications and a massive following on social media. Imagine having a VA that could transform these leads into a steady stream of customers pouring through your door. Our VAs know the secrets to combining social media and PR and how having their support will get you

– more visibility, more customers, and more profits

Consistent Social Media Content Creation

Expertise Acquiring News Coverage

Targeted Social Media Posting Strategy

Strategic Media Hook Production

Exponentially Increase Social Media Following

Pinpointing the Right Journalists

Steady Social Media Engagement Growth 

Combining Social Media and PR for Massive Impact

Hear From Our Graduates

"I often refer to the GSBH VA Certification program as "Social Media Marketing + PR on Steroids" as the results of what we learned in our training has had an amazing impact on securing targeted media exposure and opportunities for our expert clients. Since the completion of this course, we've completely streamlined and revamped our process of offering Social Media and PR Services. Additionally, we have placed clients across radio, print, and podcast. I'm excited for what the future holds for my business and especially for our clients."

- Michelle

"Mind blowing info! I'm already thinking of ways to use it in my business and my clients!! Super excited. Wondering what you all got in store for us!"

- Sameera

"I just wanted to share two small, but happy wins for my clients as a result of this training and working with them directly since THIS WEEK. A shark-tank-esque competition was looking for participants, and YES –my client was selected. How I helped was in crafting the pitch and pinpointing the opportunity for her. She is already an award-winning entrepreneur with products selling at Costco nationwide - but she is really excited about this opportunity, as she is launching a 3rd line of organic pet food treats and needs some funding to bring it to market successfully. The second win is or is getting my client a YES on a contributing article for CEO World... While it's not a paid placement, I am hoping this will help boost her already existing consulting, author and speaking career in her niche per their 12.4 million global online views."

- Michelle

"I am very excited to let you know that I am taking the knowledge that I gained from GSBH and combining it with the knowledge and training that I am currently enjoying with [my work]. I want to thank you both for everything; you gave me the courage, and confidence that I needed to take control of my life and carve out a little piece of it for myself!."

- Caroline

"Thank you! I've procrastinated on this because I thought it was way too difficult. Your ideas made it simple and doable."

- Nicole

"This group is awesome and I've learned so much. This is a course I do not regret getting. Completely worth it!"

- Lilian