Here's What Our Attendees Say

“Extremely insighful! Very informational”


Berkshire Hathaway Home Services/PenFed Realty

“It was good for me because I learned more today about Facebook than I have since Facebook started.”

“Learned a lot of techniques to refine my digital footprint.”


Realtor, Federal Hill

“I encourage all agents who haven't attended to come join us.”


PenFed Realty

“As a millenial, it really helped me learn to tailer something I'm already using towards using it for real estate”


Realtor, Severna Park, MD

“I got a lot out of it. I like to think I know what I'm doing social media wise, but you can always learn something ”


The Bob and Ronna Group

“It was outstanding! The presenters did an awesome job”

“I took Spanish classes in school, but it never sunk in. I learned more in 6 months with TLS than I did in 4 years of high school.”


Samson Properties

“I did complete the 8-week program, Get Seen Be Heard. I really enjoyed the program. I thought it was well done. I left the program very empowered... going through this helped me get over that hump of what to put out there and I really loved it.”



Don't Just Take Their Word For It

“I enjoyed the presentation by Christina Daves & Karen Yankovich - better known as 'Get Seen Be Heard'; they were entergetic, confident and full of good, little known sercrets for managing your social media channels. I highly recommend the presentation. You will walk away with some great ideas”


President, Coastal Association of Realtors

“The whole thing about this course is that I wanted to find a way to standout and be unique from everyone else out there... and I decided I was going to do something different, and it made a difference”


Keller Williams

“And then I had the suggestion from you... I paid $9 for a Facebook boost for my new listing... I had 1293 views that were not the regular people that I would have had. Almost 100 of them did direct action looking further clicking through pictures. I had I know 3 calls that came from spending $9...That would have never happened without your suggestion and I want to thank you for that.


Berkshire Hathaway Home Services/Pen Fed Realty

“Thanks as always to both Christina and Karen for walking with us but also everyone else who shows up and shares their experiences and wins here. Keeps me motiviated! :)”


Berkshire Hathaway Home Services/Pen Fed Realty

“I went to a social media/PR training session last week that was outstanding. It is an introduction to a monthly training program on DIY PR and Social Media (which I think is also amazing) but the content of this FREE class was incredible. I learned so much in just a few hours. She talks about how to get your name in media, newspapers, magazines, how to be interviewed on TV FOR FREE, and how to become the go to source for comments from the media outlets whenever they need stories. 
She also teaches how to be on all the social media – Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, etc. 


Keller Williams

“I have closed three listings since the meeting [48 hours ago] and used the new social media jargon. It helps, a lot. It REALLY impresses the seller. It is only a 3-minute conversation, but powerful. 

Casey Samson, Top Producer

Samson Properties

Other SMPR Program Alumni

Mind blowing info! I'm already thinking of ways to use it in my business and my clients!! Super excited. Wondering what you all got in store for us!

Sameera |

I love how everything is broken down into bite-size chunks of learning. So excited to get through the rest of the module and to get on our Q&A call Thursday.

Michelle |

Packed full of good information and the resources are AMAZING. My big take away for today is to use the client intake form on myself for my business. I am so ready to Get Seen and Be Heard!!!

Jett |

Karen Yankovich and Christina Daves are absolutely amazing. I joined GSBH for the inaugural class and was blown away with not only the curriculum that they taught, but with all the extra little tidbits that we learned along the way!

Caroline |

This group is awesome and I've learned so much. This is a course I do not regret getting. Completely worth it! 

Lilian |

Loving the content so far, Christina and Karen! 

Danielle |

I just went through and listened to all the past weekly calls and there was such great information! 

Addie |

Thank you! I've procrastnated on this because I thought it was way too difficult. Your ideas made it simple and doable. 

Nicole |